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If, like many others, you have been searching for a way to change your life, then PMS Group just the solution you are looking for. PMS have created a simple business that can help you to achieve the lifestyle you desire. We are looking for people who want more from life; more control, more free time, more than just a living!

People, maybe just like you, who are willing to learn a new way of doing things, who are ready to explore their abilities and to reach out for new horizons. We are committed to providing opportunities for our clients to achieve their highest possible potential, in line with their personal goals.

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  • PMS Plan Folder
  • Shampoo
  • Conditioners
  • Eye Liners
  • Tea & Coffee
  • Room Freshners
  • Deodorant
  • Face Cream
  • Biscuit
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   New Post Achievers

  1. TWO STAR-(Topaz distributor)
  2. SANGEETA DEVI-(Topaz distributor)
  3. AKASH KUMAR GUPTA-(Platinum Distributor)
  4. MOHD AALAM-(Star Distributor)
  5. POOJA -(Gold Star Distributor)
  6. SANJAY SINGH-(Gold Star Distributor)
  7. RAJ KUMAR-(Silver Distributor)
  8. BACHAN MANDAL-(Star Distributor)
  9. MD MISTER ANSARI-(Emrald Distributor)
  10. RAJEEV SINGH -(Gold Star Distributor)
  11. SUJIT KUMAR-(Gold Star Distributor)
  12. PANKAJ KUMAR-(Emrald Distributor)
  13. S KUMAR N BK PURI-(Gold Star Distributor)
  14. DEEPCHAND-(Gold Star Distributor)
  15. MISS RENU RANA-(Star Distributor)
  16. KISHAN SINGH-(Silver Distributor)
  17. DHARMPAL-(Gold Star Distributor)
  18. IQRAR HUSSAIN-(Star Distributor)
  19. RAKESH-(Silver Distributor)
  20. ISHWAR CHANDRA-(Silver Distributor)
  21. RAJENDRA KUMAR MEHTA-(Star Distributor)
  22. BRAJ MOHAN PATHAK-(Silver Distributor)
  23. ANJU VARMA-(Star Distributor)
  24. RENU VIRAT-(Star Distributor)
  25. BARKHA TIWARI-(Silver Distributor)
  26. HEMLATA VERMA-(Star Distributor)
  27. BULTI BISWAS-(Star Distributor)
  28. CHHOTE LAL-(Silver Distributor)
  29. MALA SHIRIVASTAW-(Silver Distributor)
  30. RAMLAKHAN TRIVEDI-(Silver Distributor)
  31. ALAM GIR-(Star Distributor)
  32. ARVIND KUMAR-(Silver Distributor)
  33. BUDHAN DAS-(Gold Star Distributor)
  34. SHYAM BAI-(Star Distributor)
  35. RAJESH JHA-(Gold Star Distributor)
  36. MEENU KUMARI-(Silver Distributor)
  37. HARIHAR PRASAD-(Star Distributor)
  38. KANHAIYA-(Silver Distributor)
  39. SADHNA PANDEY-(Silver Distributor)
  40. SHADHNA-(Silver Distributor)
  41. SHIV NARAYAN-(Star Distributor)
  42. MORDHWAJ-(Silver Distributor)
  43. JYOTISH KUJUR-(Silver Distributor)
  44. PREM SAGAR SHARMA-(Silver Distributor)
  45. SANGEETA NARAYAN-(Silver Distributor)
  46. MD MOSIM-(Silver Distributor)
  47. NEERAJ YADAV-(Silver Distributor)
  48. ASRAF ALI-(Silver Distributor)
  49. SHREE NATH MISHRA-(Silver Distributor)
  50. SHREE NATH MISHRA-(Star Distributor)
  51. MUHAMMAD RIJAWAN SHAH-(Silver Distributor)
  52. SHEKHAR-(Silver Distributor)
  53. VALERIA MINZ -(Silver Distributor)
  54. MD MANOWAR SAH-(Silver Distributor)
  55. PIUSH DUNG DUNG-(Silver Distributor)
  56. SANJIV KUMAR -(Silver Distributor)
  57. PARVEEN JAHAN-(Star Distributor)
  58. SHREE NATH MISHRA-(Silver Distributor)
  59. AMERENDER PRASAD-(Silver Distributor)
  60. KHERUN NISHA-(Silver Distributor)
  61. RAJESH MAHTO-(Silver Distributor)
  62. AMAR KUMAR-(Silver Distributor)
  63. RAKESH KUMAR-(Silver Distributor)
  64. DEELIP KUMAR YADAV-(Silver Distributor)
  65. SHUMAILA BANO-(Silver Distributor)
  66. SACHIN BHOMIK-(Silver Distributor)
  67. RANJITA RANI-(Silver Distributor)
  68. CHANDA ANSARI-(Silver Distributor)
  69. RAM BABU SAH-(Silver Distributor)
  70. SUNIL KUMAR-(Silver Distributor)
  71. UDAY KUMAR YADAV-(Silver Distributor)
  72. JEET SINGH RAWAT-(Silver Distributor)
  73. REENA SHARMA-(Silver Distributor)
  74. MEELAN KUMAR YADAV-(Silver Distributor)
  75. BHUPAL SINGH RAWAT-(Silver Distributor)
  76. DEVESH KUMAR-(Star Distributor)
  77. MALA RANI-(Silver Distributor)
  78. PANKAJ SONI-(Silver Distributor)
  79. MANTOSH-(Silver Distributor)
  80. SARFRAJ NAWAZ-(Silver Distributor)
  81. RAJ KUMAR-(Silver Distributor)
  82. BANTY KUMAR SHARMA-(Silver Distributor)
  83. TABBASSUM-(Silver Distributor)
  84. MUNNA LAL-(Silver Distributor)
  85. SANDEEP KUMAR-(Silver Distributor)
  86. JAYONTO MALIK -(Silver Distributor)
  87. SIYA SHASTRI-(Silver Distributor)
  88. TALIB KHAN-(Silver Distributor)
  89. KAMLESH RAWAT-(Silver Distributor)
  90. RAM BACHAN PRASAD-(Silver Distributor)
  91. AKHTAR RAZA-(Silver Distributor)
  92. ASHOK-(Silver Distributor)
   News Update
  1. Distributor / Silver / Star Shining Rewards            

    Wake up and let's warm up in this winter.

    Attention Distributors/Silver Distributors

    A Smart / Sleek / Stylish Laptop can be yours if you make maximum pairs in your category.

    Note : Only top 5 Distributor / Silver achievers will get the laptop.


    Attention Star Distributors

    A Stylish / Dashing Bike can be yours if you make maximum pairs in your category.

    Note : Only top 5 Star achievers will get the Bike.


    Offer period : 14 Jan 2014 to 21 April 2014


   Reward Qualifiers
  1. FOUR STAR-(Platinum)
  2. shyam raj-(Platinum)
  3. AKASH KUMAR GUPTA-(Platinum)
  4. bal kishan puri-(Topaz)

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