Health Benefits :

  •  Aloe’s historical use as a purifier and cleanser has been backed up with numerous modern scientific studies demonstrating the positive effects of its component herbs to harmonize the body system especially the colon, radiating outward to reflect positively on skin health.
  •  In addition, it is considered to have antioxidant properties that help to revitalize the skin.

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Rich Source Of Vitamins And Minerals :

Both the aloe juice and gel are powerhouses of antioxidants, antibiotics, work as stimulators of cell growth and have scar and pain inhibitor properties. They are rich in the following vitamins and minerals

  •  Calcium
  •  Sodium
  •  Iron
  •  Potassium
  •  Manganese
  •  Zinc
  •  Folic Acid
  •  Vitamins A, B1, B2, B6, C, E
  •  Amino Acids

Composition Aloe Vera

Each 30ml Dose Contains
Aloe Vera Juice Aloe Vera Barbadensis 29850mg

Aloe vera is the most bioactive of all aloe species. There are more than 75 active constituents in the plant. This includes polysaccharides like acemannan, anthraquinoes like barbaloin, enzymes, lignin, saponins and salicylic acids.

Aloe vera gel can be used for its laxative properties. Sometimes, the aloe vera gel and the entire leaf are used to treat ulcerative colitis, metastatic cancer, infectious disease and chemotherapy treatment.

Suggested Use :

Take 30 ml Juice twice daily or as directed by physician.

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