Brahmi Coffee

Health Benefits :

  •  In Ayurveda Brahmi is considered to be cooling and helps in managing stress.
  •  May help nourish the nerve cells.
  •  Kasni is considered to have diuretic properties.
  •  May help stimulate brain functions.
  •  It is considered to have antioxidant properties.

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Did you Know....

  •  Enjoy the benefits of popular herb Brahmi in coffee flavour. Brahmi promotes healthy blood circulation, thus promoting nourishment to the nerve cells.
  •  It may support cognitive capability and help promote mental clarity and focus.
  •  Shankhpushpi is also considered to promote memory and concentration.
  •  The dark rich flavour of Chicory (Kasni) is best known as a substitute for Coffee, but it is considered as a bitter digestive tonic and has diuretic properties.

Composition :
Each 100g powder contains
Kasni seed powder (Cichorum iniybus) 92g
Brahmi extrad (Bacopa monnieri) 6g
Shankhpi powder (Convolvulus pluricaulis) 2g
Added Colour & Nature Identical Flavour

Suggested Use :

Take 1 teaspoon 2 to 3 times a day.

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