Ans. To join Perfect Marketing Solutions you must purchase one of the product packages offered by PMS NEW ERA, after which you will become an independent business associate.
The purchase of any product package does not generate any income for you. It is only after you are able to sell the product package further that you will get income for yourself. To know about income plan refer to PMS NEW ERA Business Logic.
You begin getting an income once you have sold any two of the product packages made available to you.
Your income will be made available to you through a cheque, once the TDS has been deducted. This format of cheque payment is done weekly, based on your ability to sell the product package.
The first cheque you will receive will be of a minimum amount of Rs. 250/-only. Details of which are available in PMS business logic.
The income generation is based on both: The work of your team as well as yourself, based on the ratio mentioned by Perfect Marketing Solutions for an unlimited depth.
As per the system the maximum income received by any independent business associate can be up to Rs.6,00,000/- only.
As per the rules laid out by RBI for the current year 2010, if you do not have a PAN Number 10% is to be deducted from your income. If you have a PAN Number 5% is to be deducted from your income. The same rules are applied at PMS NEW ERA.
The product package you may purchase from Perfect Marketing Solutions has a warranty period of six month. But to continue with your business opportunity PMS will be deducting a renewal fee in the form of Annual Maintenance Fee of Rs. 1,000/- only from your payout annually.
Once you have purchased your product package from PMS your welcome letter is sent to the support centre holder. You may contact your senior at the support centre. In case you have any problem you may contact the PMS HEAD OFFICE at 011-32318289 for a duplicate welcome letter.
Perfect Marketing Solutions has not authorized anybody to accept cash. You must submit your cash payment directly with the PMS Office or in the PMS bank a/c for which the A/C No. has been provided on the PMS website Bank Details. Perfect Marketing Solutions will not be responsible for any payment made to anybody else other than the authorized personal at the office.
If there is any manufacturing defect in any of the products provided by PMS, Perfect Marketing Solutions will take responsibility and will replace the product immediately. 2.In the given time period if any product breaks down PMS will have the product repaired. 3.If there is any breakage in any of the products PMS will not be responsible in any way to replace or repair the product
Ans. You can retrieve the password by follwing this link Forgot Password
To get these details you may contact the Perfect Marketing Solutions.
Ans. To join Perfect Marketing Solutions you must purchase one of the product packages offered by PMS NEW ERA, after which you will become an independent business associate.
When your first cheque is generated you must contact your senior at the support centre and in case you have any problem you may contact the PMS.
Within a month of the death of the person, the policy document along with a post mortem report or death certificate is to be submitted to the nearest LIC office. No claim can be made after the one month allotted time period.
If you have not received your LIC policy even after 40 days, you may call in to the PMS HEAD office. If the policy papers are ready, you may collect a duplicate copy from the PMS office.
If the ID is in your wife's name then the policy will be in her name. If the ID is in the name of your company, a proprietor or a partnership then the policy cannot be made.
Yes, it is possible to get the LIC of all the three ID's in your name. In case of an incident/accidental death the LIC Policy of Rs. 5 lakhs can be assured without any income proof but if you claim for all three ID's from LIC, you will have to show your income proof of the same.
If you have not filled in and submitted the form with Perfect Marketing Solution. ii) Within the time period of 30 to 40 days required for the registration of the person, if he/she passes away (dies). iii) If any information provided by the applicant is found to be incorrect/wrong. i.e. date of birth, address, name etc. iv) If the policy documents are submitted later then one month after the death of the person. v) If the post mortem report or death certificate has not been submitted.
Yes there is a dress code for those people who have joined Perfect Marketing Solutions as Independent business associates. This code must be followed strictly. You are expected to wear a light colored shirt with tie, formal wear trousers, and polished leather shoes. The only difference for the guests who are attending a seminar is that they may come without a tie. They still need to wear a light colored shirt, formal wear trousers, and polished leather shoes. NOTE: Jeans, any type of T- shirt, sports shoes, and slippers are not allowed under any condition.
Yes, there are C.D.'s and Plan Folders available at the Perfect Marketing Solutions office at a very low price. In addition to which PMS upgrades its business associates with training programs and seminars. Along with this you should always seek the advice of the senior leaders of your team.
No, there are no time boundations or any other conditions for you to do the PMS business opportunity. To get the maximum benefit from this business opportunity you are advised to devote some extra effort and time to it.
To become a business associate with Perfect Marketing Solutions there is NO investment to be made. PMS provides you a wide range of product packages to choose from. Once you have bought a product package you become an independent business associate. There is no loss or harm in it as PMS gives you an equivalent value product package for your amount deposited.
Yes, you may start this business opportunity from any city/state in India because Perfect Marketing Solutions is an online system.
Yes there is an age bar of 18 years and above, but there is no gender restriction for being a part of this business opportunity. Any self confident person can take advantage of this opportunity provided he/she has dreams to fulfill, a name to achieve and fame to become, and above all a positive attitude!